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Earlier this year, I was working as the Vice President of Security for an Internet Banking firm on the West Coast when I decided to make a change in employment. During the recruitment process I became associated with Messina Management Systems. I was considering multiple executive positions in my field at that time and my association with Mr. Tom Egner of Messina Management Systems proved to be important to my decision-process and beneficial to me personally.

Mr. Egner is a seasoned professional in executive placement. I found that I was able to rely upon his professional judgment and upon his knowledge of the client companies that he represented. For those seeking positions at the executive level, the importance of the recruiter’s skills and his relationships with the hiring firm cannot be overestimated. All things being equal for a qualified executive candidate, the professional skills and relationships of the recruiter can make a critical difference in a job seeker’s success.

My experience with Mr. Egner demonstrated that he is a person that can be trusted with the all-important role of presenting executives to companies that are evaluating applicants for their most senior roles. I recommend Tom and Messina Management Systems as an executive placement professional. He has the skills to help executives find and successfully compete for executive level positions.

Scott, Chief Security Officer

I can definitely see your firm tries to correctly match potential employees and employers together.   Not all staffing companies put forth this effort.   I look forward to working you exploring opportunities in my career field.

Dean, CCIE

This place is great!

Valeo Executive