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"Yes and No"


From:   Our President


A lot of people have asked us if this is a good time to change jobs.  For some it is and for others it is not.  The answer we must give is “Yes and No.”  The correct response is a personal one that is different for each person.  The optimum timing of job changes is almost never determined by what is going on ‘out there’ in the business world.  It is best decided by what is, or is not, occurring ‘in there’ in a person’s own job career and life.


As Recruiters, we regularly talk with people who wonder about whether or not this is the best time to make a change.  There are many issues and factors to consider.  There are many individual situations.  The following are some of the ones we see.


“My company is downsizing.  Should I look at other opportunities?” “Yes” and “No”.


If you have been ‘downsized’, you, of course have no choice.  You have to make finding another job your new full time job.  Every day you are out of a job gets you closer to that point where unemployed changes to unemployable.  But what if you are one of those who is still employed after the staff reduction.  Should you look at other opportunities?  The correct answer could be “Yes” or “No.”


If you see that your position may be victim to the next cut, that your work load is about to become intolerable, or that the advancement that you had in sight is suddenly much less likely then you should initiate a search for something better.  If, on the other hand, you see an opportunity to stand out in a field of fewer competitors or you see an opportunity to make a difference that will be recognized and appreciated at a critical time, then stay and make it work.


“My company is involved in a merger/acquisition/reorganization.  Should I look at other opportunities?” “Yes” and “No”.


There are always winners and losers in these.  You may have the opportunity to showcase your talents and make an impact on the new organization.  You may be in a position that will not be required or not be as critical in the new organization.  Again individual circumstances determine the right answer for each person.


“Given the state of the economy is this a good time to look at other opportunities?”


Just as the answer to the other questions, the answer is “Yes” and “No.”  There is not a good or bad time out there.  There are just good or bad times for each individual based on what is going on in their careers and companies.  There are always good opportunities for accomplished professionals.  Our Recruiters are experienced at reviewing and discussing these specific situations.  If you wonder if the answer is “Yes” or “No” for you or someone you know, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to talk about it.  Just be prepared.  The answers, based on the individual will be “Yes” and “No.”